Upgrade Your Ride: The Benefits of Installing Coilovers on Your NA Miata

The NA Miata, produced by Mazda from 1989 to 1997, is a beloved roadster known for its nimble handling and fun-to-drive personality. While the car is already a blast to drive in its stock form, there are always ways to enhance its performance even further. One popular upgrade for NA Miatas is the installation of coilovers.

Coilovers are a type of suspension system that combines a coil spring and shock absorber into one unit. Unlike traditional suspension setups, coilovers allow for adjustable ride height, damping, and spring rates. This allows drivers to fine-tune their car’s handling characteristics to suit their driving style and preferences.

One of the biggest benefits of installing coilovers on your NA Miata is improved handling. The stiffer spring rates and adjustable damping of coilovers can significantly reduce body roll, squat, and dive during cornering, braking, and acceleration. This results in a more stable and responsive driving experience, allowing you to take corners with more confidence and control.

In addition to improved handling, coilovers can also enhance the overall look of your NA Miata. The adjustable ride height feature allows you to lower the car for a more aggressive stance, giving it a more sporty and customized appearance. Whether you prefer a mild drop or a slammed look, coilovers give you the flexibility to achieve the aesthetic you desire.

Furthermore, coilovers can also improve the ride quality of your NA Miata. By adjusting the damping settings, you can fine-tune the suspension to provide a more comfortable and compliant ride on both smooth and rough roads. This can make a big difference in everyday driving situations, especially if you’re commuting or taking longer trips in your Miata.

Overall, installing coilovers on your NA Miata can enhance its performance, handling, appearance, and ride quality. Whether you’re a spirited driver who enjoys carving up twisty roads or a car enthusiast looking to customize and personalize your ride, coilovers are a worthwhile upgrade that can take your Miata to the next level. So if you’re looking to upgrade your ride, consider investing in a set of coilovers for your NA Miata and experience the benefits for yourself.

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